When life is all but suffering

The apparent causes may be  

People, places, and situations

Due to the veil of illusion


Go within and ask, 'Who am I?'
Unlearn what you’ve learned 

Allow silence to undo doubts

Let intuition replace intellect

What’s inside appears outside

Imaginary world—a dream state

Experience driven by the mind

Neither real nor permanent

One indescribable reality
When the dreamer awakens
Temporal illusions cease to be
Happiness blossoms naturally

Lion or Sheep

A lion cub lost among sheep
Growing up in a dream reality
Bleating fearfully in conformity
Ignorant of its origin and identity

Along comes an enlightened Soul
Bemused by what she sees
Shows the lion dressed as sheep
A reflection of its true identity

Awakened from the dream
The liberated lion roars loudly
Free of misconceptions and duality
Aware of its origin and identity

One reality, imaginary many
Ask, 'Who am I—one or many?'
If one—acceptance and unity
If many—resistance and dichotomy

What is Reality?

Am I the body?
Am I the emotions?
Am I the senses?  
Am I none of these?

Am I the mind?
Am I the intellect?
Am I the nothingness?
Am I none of these?

Am I the light?
Am I the mirror?
Am I the reflection?
Am I all of these?

Am I the seer?
Am I the seen, and
Everything in-between?
Am I the one and only?

What do you see?

Stand before a mirror
What do you see?
Is that you or me?
If it's you, why not me?

You say there is a difference
Is that true?
I say we are undifferentiated
Like the tree inside a seed

Go to sleep
What do you see?
Is that a dream or reality?
If it's a dream, why not reality?

You say there is a difference
Is that true?
I say they are undifferentiated
Like one having a waking dream

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up
From a temporal dream 
Awake, I realise the truth
All is 'I' with no other

Wake up, wake up
First, I was undifferentiated
Later, infinitely variegated
By time-space-thought

Wake up, wake up
I am the magician
Manifesting things at will
Like the passing clouds

Wake up, wake up

I am the lucent vibration
Illuminating the false world
Making it appear as real

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up
Realise 'I Am That'
Knowing there is no other
Be still in a sea of activity

Wake up, wake up
I am pure Awareness
Streaming through the senses
And giving rise to knowingness

Wake up, wake up
I am not the body or senses
I am not the mind or intellect
All are ignorance and delusion

Wake up, wake up
I withdraw cognition
In deep sleep, not knowing
Absolute being in eternal bliss

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up
The truth 'Who am I?'
Is reflected in a dreamer 
Self-aware and blissful

Wake up, wake up

The mind projects experiences 
Like a movie viewed on screen
Nothing endures in this reality

Wake up, wake up
I am the timeless Self-of-All
Experiencing temporal existence
Like worlds perceived in dreams

Wake up, wake up
I am the nameless Self-of-All  
Manifesting in an eightfold form
Eternally 'Being' and 'Non-Being'


Experiences are dual in nature
Knowing one creates the other
Opposites define one another

Without one there is no other

Recognise beauty, ugly is born

Without low, there is no high 

Evil exists to make good apparent

Without pain, there is no pleasure

Be still in dealing with duality
Remain grounded in equanimity
All things bow to a natural order

In time one will follow the other

Be still until the mud settles
Wait for the water to be clear

Right action means effortless

In time, change occurs naturally


What if experiences are
Conjured up by the mind 
Perceived by the senses
Analysed by the intellect

What if experiences are
Like looking at holograms
One's thoughts and beliefs
Manifesting as reality

What if experiences are
Like flying in a dream
Asleep, indisputably real 
Awakened, realises she’d slept

What if experiences are
Not fixed in space and time
What seems like here and now
Could be anywhere, anytime​

Coming Home

'I', 'Me' and 'Mine'
Space, time, thought-form

Doubts and uncertainties
Confusion and restlessness

Faith and humility
Surrender and playfulness

Self-aware and allowing
Reunion and communion

What If

It’s all a dream:

It’s all fiction:

It’s all an illusion:

It's simply:


Let go of: 

Let go of:

Let go of:

Let go of:




All is Well

We are 'Awareness' embodied in human form. Nothing that happens in worldly life can affect or alter our inner essence. Life is no more than a fleeting dream for passing time. Reign in the mind. Don’t allow thoughts to go astray.  Be still and observe the endless manifestations. Think of it as going to the movies and enjoy the show from start to finish without becoming emotionally overwhelmed or unduly attached to the characters and storyline. 

Joy of Being

We are merely a fiction for the indescribable Source to experience itself in physical form; therefore, remain open and don’t judge, react, or resist anything. Let everything run its course without interference. Each unfolding experience is an invitation to just be ourselves and allow the Source to express itself through us and others. Accept this to awaken from the illusion of separateness. 


Be Yourself

We did not come to seek perfection; each one is already perfect. We don’t need to make the world a better place because nothing is broken. All that exists is in perfect balance and harmony. We came to experience creation in all its polarities. We came to love all things unconditionally. We did not come here to meddle or intervene with 'What Is'. Our role is to be present, act by not acting, and do by not doing. Our objective is to remain still and observe everything that comes into our direct and indirect experiences without resistance, judgement, or expectation.  


We are in everything and everything is in us. Imagine a dark room with a candle placed in a pot with many holes where rays of light pass through in different directions. To believe the rays are separate and distinct from each other is a misconception. Likewise, the light of the Source streams through infinite points of awareness and projects itself onto the screen of existence to perceive itself from unique individual perspectives. 



The Source

The Source is nameless, timeless, and formless. The Source gave birth to one. The one divided itself into two. The two gave rise to three. The three gave birth to temporal reality, which is the mother of all tangible and intangible things. Everything comes into Existence as thought-forms and returns to Non-Existence (No-thing-ness) in an eternal loop precipitated by the illusions of space,  time, and matter. The Source appears in temporal reality as Awareness. The mind, being the servant of Awareness, is no more than a bundle of thoughts. The first and foremost thought in the mind is 'I Exist'.  The 'I' is the ego or the idea of a separate and distinct existence.

Inner Stillness

Inner stillness is where bliss lies; it's experienced when awareness is focused inwardly and outwardly at the same time but remains non-reactive to the movement of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This state is also known as Existence-Awareness-Bliss. Inner stillness cannot be achieved through physical effort or intellect; it requires us to be choiceless and effortless. How then do we relate to people, events, and situations? We remain centred in the blissful knowledge of our inner essence and engage playfully with a heart and mind that are ever cool and tranquil. We simply play our role without becoming entangled in the drama. 

The World is a Mirror

The external world reflects our inner world. We manifest experiences based on conditioned thoughts and beliefs. Our habit of thought on any subject is moulded by impressions derived from past experiences and desires for fulfilment in future experiences. Our thought patterns influence the way we perceive everything. Nothing is inherently good or bad, right or wrong.      

Quiet the Mind

As soon as resistant thoughts arise, turn within and ask, 'To whom are these thoughts occurring?' The unspoken reply would be, 'To me'. Ask further, 'Who am I?' without conceptualising an answer; then, observe the gaps in-between thoughts. As you repeat this exercise regardless of how many resistant thoughts arise, the reactive thinking mind would lose momentum and calm down. Why? Because the depths of who you are is 'Stillness', and mental noise - which is no more than movements on the surface - would subside when you stop engaging in resistant thoughts and be the non-reactive observer.  You would need to be alert and ask the question as soon as resistant thoughts arise. Over time, this self-inquiry will lead to a noticeable reduction in mental noise and a corresponding increase in inner peace. 

Existential Reality

Existence is not an objective reality; it's a subjective dream. Every point of awareness is experiencing a unique individual existence. Most of us are unaware of the dream state due to the veil of illusion. Eventually, the dream state would lose its stranglehold and our false sense of self will start to erode, giving rise to doubts and confusion. In our darkest moment, an inner voice will nudge us to go within and inquire, 'Who am I beyond the body, mind, and emotions?' As we persist with this inquiry, there'll be signposts to guide us in the right direction. This gentle and gradual awakening process will culminate in the knowledge of our innermost essence. We'll awake in the dream by remembering our nameless, formless, and timeless nature. 


Once awakened, a three-fold transformation occurs: first, we'll become centred in self-knowledge and simply play our role in the dream; second, we'll no longer become overwhelmed by or unduly invested in the drama of everyday life; third, we'll adopt a light and playful attitude towards people, events, and situations because we've ceased to treat the unreal as real. After the awakening, we'll go back to living our lives as before, but without the constant worry, grief, and anxiety. Occasionally, we'll get caught up in the drama due to the laws of duality; however, we'll be able to snap out of it without falling back into the previous state of ignorant dreaming.     

Creative Playground

 We came to have unique individual experiences through our physical perspective and navigate the maze of unpredictability through our non-physical perspective; it's a co-creative process. Our physical and non-physical perspectives are two sides of the same coin. We are spirit and matter in one manifestation. We are the experiencer, experiencing, and experienced.  

Pain & Suffering

Pain is the opposite of pleasure. The moment we experience pleasure, pain is born. Like rain, pain comes and goes with varying intensities and for different lengths of time. Pain can be experienced without any suffering. At the root of all suffering is one or more of the following reasons: first—ignorance of our true nature; second—belief in a separate and distinct existence; third— ‘attachment’; fourth—lack of equanimity; fifth—fear of death. 

Do Nothing

Existence•Non-Existence is a hologram. The hologram is an imaginary bubble that encapsulates your existential reality. You - the embodied awareness - are inside the bubble. You - the indescribable reality - are outside the bubble. You, on the inside, are physically focused with a limited perspective. You, on the outside, are non-physically focussed with a limitless perspective. Each inside-the-bubble perspective gives birth to unique preferences from its vantage point. All preferences influence the evolution of the hologram; however, the creative energy flows naturally in opposition to strength and excess to restore balance and harmony. The creative energy's affinity with softness and weakness will manifest as new or changed experiences, but you must first stop trying to make things happen. You must refrain from using force, manipulation, or purposeful actions and go with the natural flow. What does that mean? First, don't strive for anything—take things as they come. Second, accept all, resist nothing. Third, don't react—wait, only respond if necessary. Fourth, align your thoughts and actions with the path of least resistance without obsessing over each step towards the preferred outcome.

I am That

Every form that exists - be it animate or inanimate - is a different version of your nameless, formless, and timeless self. There is nothing in your experience that does not reflect an aspect of the indescribable 'You'. Once you merge your ever-changing mind with unchanging awareness, you'll no longer judge or resist anything. You'll stop meddling or interfering with unfolding experiences knowing that everything bows to a natural order and will work itself out in due course.


The Eternal Cycle